Expect Something Great in 2008!

By Pastor Cory S. Powell |  December 29, 2007

My how time flies! It seems like only a few months ago that we entered into 2007. Now we stand near the threshold of 2008. As is the case with every year, 2007 was full of trials and triumphs. In it some found success, happiness, fortune and peace. Yet, for many it was a year of hardship, heartache and disappointments. The death toll of American lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan continued to rise, gas prices skyrocketed to all time highs, racial tensions tightened, and more senseless acts of violence were perpetrated across the country.

Amidst all of that, we are still encouraged to look expectantly towards 2008, yet questions arise: Will 2008 be a better year than 2007? Will things level off for us? Will we finally find the peace, joy, and serenity that we desperately long for? My answer to all those questions is yes!

Most certainly 2008, like 2007 and every year that has preceded it, will bring its share of ups and downs, but there is still reason to be excited! Regardless of how difficult 2007 may have been, there is reason to rejoice: God has been faithful! (Lamentations 3:21-25)

Eight is the number of New Beginnings! I believe that 2008 will bring many new opportunities for the faithful children of the Most High God! New ventures and avenues will be opened that will elevate the Body of Christ and advance the Kingdom! Celebrate for it’s a new day! We have new mercies! We have a new beginning!

Therefore, as we embrace the hope of this New Year, it is imperative that we position ourselves to receive all that he has for us. It is also essential that recognize the importance of the time in which we live and redeem the day. 2008 is full of promise and potential, but we must do our part to receive the promises and realize the potential. Much like a beautifully wrapped gift, in order to truly enjoy the contents, this year must be unwrapped. It is up to you to unwrap the gifts, talents and skills that God has invested in you so that the Body of Christ and the entire world may witness the treasure in you. (John 9:4).

For 2008, I urge you to make a personal commitment to Pray More, Trust More, Be More, Do More, but most of all…EXPECT MORE!

“Expect Something Great in 2008!”

Happy New Year!

©CPM ‘07