Forgiveness is Crucial

By Pastor Cory S. Powell |  June 10, 2007

Each of us at some point or another has had to decide whether or not to forgive someone who has disappointed, hurt, or harmed us. Whether purposeful or accidental, we’ve all likewise disappointed others and most likely, also caused hurt and/or harm. Regardless of status, ethnicity, education, or gender we all mess up. It may have been a phrase uttered or harsh comment made in the heat of an argument, perhaps it was a forgetting the birthday of a close friend or far worse guys, perhaps you forgot that all important anniversary! The reality is that interwoven into tapestry of humanity is the shared proclivity, the real tendency that we all find ourselves in need of forgiveness.


According to scripture, one day Jesus was asked by his disciples how often they should forgive. His response baffled and stunned them. He basically said as often as necessary. Now to the average person, that seems unreasonable and unrealistic. After all, there’s only so much disappointment, hurt and harm that we’ll take from someone else. Sooner or later we decide that they just can’t be trusted. If we’re honest, we have to admit that it is sometimes easier to forgive total strangers than it is to forgive those with whom we share more intimate relations; our close friends, family members and other loved ones.


However, I suggest that something happens when we choose to forgive.  I believe that unforgiveness is a silent killer that slowly eats at our souls. In fact, I call it the “cancer of the soul”. There are those who believe that if more of us embraced the idea of daily forgiveness, there would be a decrease in illness and stress levels. Others suggest that by simply choosing to forgive those who’ve wronged us, we position ourselves to experience a heightened level of peace and satisfaction.  


Now, please understand that I don’t mean to suggest that forgiveness is easy, but I do believe it’s important and necessary. We’ve all heard the stories of old men and women who have held grudges against people for so long that they’ve forgotten why they were initially upset. As senseless as that seems, it is real and it’s not just older people. Each of us has the power to liberate and release others from the bonds of their mistakes and past failures. Perhaps if we think of times when we ourselves desired to be forgiven, we’d more readily forgive others.


Today, I urge you to make the decision to forgive, regardless of how tough it may seem. It doesn’t matter how valid your pain and disappointment may in fact be. Forgive. Do it anyway! The failure to do so may result in the development of resentment. Resentment is negative and can actually be poisonous. Resentment shackles us to the past and forbids us from progressing in the present and realizing the awesome possibilities of our future. You have a life to live and a destiny to pursue. You have no time to waste on pettiness. Life is too short to spend another day on things that don’t matter.


Decide to forgive. Decide not to allow resentment to fester within you. Dare to be the first to forgive. You take the first step, even if you don’t want to.  Yes, even if it was clearly the other person in the wrong.  If you do, you will not only release others, but in fact, you will release yourself from the power of that disappointment, hurt or harm. You will walk lighter, run faster and if nothing else, be better! Choose to forgive. Do it today!

You’ve Been Empowered, So Go Live an Empowered Life!

©CPM ‘07