It's Time for a Change

Out with the Old...In With the New!

By Pastor Cory S. Powell |  December 28, 2006

In many ways 2006 proved to be a year of transition. During the year many pioneering trailblazers moved from labor to reward. Notable politicians, entertainers and civic icons such as such as Ann Richards, Gerald Ford, Lou Rawls, James Brown, Gerald Levert, Gordon Parks , Coretta Scott-King and Ed Bradley were amongst more than 143 influential legends that crossed the finish line of their earthly journeys and stepped across the eternal threshold of immortality.

The transition is not limited to the political, entertainment and civic arenas. Many believe, as do I, that 2006 also marked a transition and changing of the guards within the faith community. The shift is not necessarily related to the death of leaders, as much as it is the death of old ideology. It is time for the Body of Christ to rise to its rightful place in the earth. We must not just talk about it, we must be about it! It is time for a change! 
Are we ready to go to the next level, indeed the next dimension in God? Are we ready to move beyond petty differences and divisive variances in worship style? Are we ready to forge ahead and get the inheritance that is promised to us as heirs of Abraham? If so, now is the time! 2007 brings anticipation of greater joy, peace and prosperity. It most certainly will also  require increased responsibility.
Seven is the number of spiritual perfection. This is the year when God will perfect his bride, the church. God wants to bring to fruition the harvest of his investment from every trial and triumph that we've faced. It is the time for the manefestation of the divine promises he made to us through our valley experiences. The struggle is over!
As we embrace the hope of a new year, it is imperative that we position ourselves to receive all that he has for us. It is also essential that recognize the importance of the time in which we live and redeem the day. 2007 is a year full of promise and potential, but we must do our part. Much like a beautifully wrapped gift, in order to truly enjoy the contents, it must be unwrapped. It is up to you to unwrap the gifts, talents and skills that God has invested in you so that the Body of Christ and the entire world may witness the treasure in you (Matt 5:16).

I urge you to make a personal commitment to pray more, trust more be more, and by all means, do more, as you expect more!

Happy New Year!