We Must Show Up!

Help the Survivors of the recent hurricanes

By Pastor Cory S. Powell |  September 1, 2005

Children, disabled & elderly individuals were amongst more than one million people who have be displaced by hurricanes Katrina and  Rita, which has left a large trail of destruction throughout the Gulf Coast Region. Clean up, rebuilding and restoration of the region will take many months and in some instances, years.  

It is simply not enough for us to bow our heads in disbelief. People are hurting and God has blessed each of us to in some way, whether large or small, to DO SOMETHING! WE MUST SHOW UP!
 Certainly prayer is appropriate and necessary, but we can and must do more. It is obvious that we can't sit back and wait on the governement to assist our brothers and sisters. This is the time for the Church of the Living God to rise to the ocassion. We are his representatives on the scene and WE MUST SHOW UP!.
The New Dimensions Tabernacle family is contributing to agencies and organizations that are actively providing aid to those effected by these devastating storms.  We urge others within the body of Christ and throughout the world to join us as we pray and donate towards the relief effort. 
To contribute towards NDT's efforts, visit our Resource section and click on On-Line Giving. You may also contribute directly to the American Red Cross.