Spring Forward

March 8, 2014

Each spring we here in America forward our clocks in order to take advantage of the extended sunlight that this time of year brings. Daylight Savings Time is revered by some and shunned by others. Whether you embrace it or hate the time change, the spring does bring some wonderful things. The cold, dreary and dismal days of winter give away to beautiful blooms, brilliant blossoms and bountiful buds awaken. Refreshing aromas and the joyous sounds of children playing fills the air.

Just as spring time is a sign of new life in the natural, it should also provide us with new opportunities spiritually. Perhaps you've been allowing your gifts, skills and dreams to lie dormant within. Maybe you’ve been stuck stagnantly in the past. This is the season to spring forward. It is a season of extensive possibility. Arise and spring forward into the best days of your life. Spring Forward!